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The Kingdom of Cats

The Cat king has been Catnaped! He vanished from his room one day and been missing ever since! The whole royal family is scratching their ears while they searched for their beloved King to no avail. You have been invited to a tea party by the Queen, as you are the greatest detective from the human world. Will you be able to find the King and save the Cat Kingdom from destruction?

60 mins

2-8 Players


Dark altar

An archeology fanatic is the head of the mysterious and spooky Copenheimer Museum, where he hopes to use a dark ritual to give himself eternal, Godly power. Those who enter the museum must face the dark power and stop the ritual before it’s too late.

60 mins

4-8 Players


SINISTER CIRCUS: The Joker's legacy

You open your mailbox to find tickets for the circus that just arrived in town…funny, you don’t remember ordering any. Arriving at the circus, you are greeted by a familiar presence – that mocking voice, that maniacal laughter, it could only be the Joker! He’s back for Round 2 with his brand-new Sinister Circus! Entertain the Joker by solving his riddles, don’t let his mind grow idle or he’ll take his anger out on you! Can you survive a descent into the Joker’s world of madness and murder? 

75 mins

4-8 Players


Project Sphere

Dennis Christopher, an award winning Quantum Physicist, has vanished into thin air. He was last known to be working on a revolutionary project. Authorities were unable find any traces left by this scientist. With no other options, a bounty has been placed for anyone able to find information regarding the situation. Now you, a special investigation unit, has been called to enter his study room in search for clues.

60 mins

3-8 Players


The Penitentiary

You suddenly wake up to find yourself locked in a cramped prison cell, cold, scared, the air-filled with silence. You soon realize that you are in the St.Temple Prison. This abandoned prison has a history of mysteriously taking the lives of others. If you don’t want to be next, you have to escape.

60 mins

4-10 Players


Once upon a time

Once upon a time, the Forest Fairy summoned everyone for a grand celebration. Beast or beauty, wicked or charming, all your favourite fairy tale characters have been invited. Gather all the guests to ensure the party is a success. Traveling through the enchanted woods, you’ll encounter everyone from the Princess to Pinocchio!  But that’s not all – there are witches and thieves and other villains lurking in the magical forest! Throughout your noble quest, you’ll have to prevent them from sabotaging the party! Are you ready to embark on this adventure?

60 mins

2-6 Players



Take a futuristic journey aboard a spaceship, unfortunately, it’s not all smooth sailing. Forced to make an emergency landing, you and your crew find yourselves on a distant planet populated entirely by robots! All you want is to repair your spaceship and be on your way, but that won’t be easy so long as the evil robot Zybar rules. Can you restore peace and prosperity for the robots? Or will you be stranded in space?

90 mins

4-8 Players


Board games

Whether you are an experienced board game geek or a casual board game lover, Omescape is the place that will accommodate all your needs. With over 200 board games in our collection, you will find the right game for your group no matter the size of your group. Board game passes are available for a low price and each pass includes a free drink plus unlimited game time. On top of our amazing game collection, our friendly game-masters will provide you with any assistance you may need during your gaming session. Tables are subject to first come first served basis, please arrive early to guarantee your spot.



Game list: CLICK HERE



All day

1-20 Players

Casual - Expert

Temporarily closed 

Classic video games

Who doesn’t enjoy an afternoon of retro video games with friends? Now you can have your game sessions here at Omescape! In addition to our extensive board game collection, we now have added a collection of SNES, N64, GameCube,Wii, SWITCH games with gaming stations set up in our lounge. These games will be fully accessible with your board game passes with no additional charge. Come and have your next throwback Mario party here at Omescape with a side of bubble tea!

All day

1-4 Players


Temporarily closed 

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