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Virus outbreak: the final hour

Dr. Craig was arrested for conducting unethical experimentations on human test subjects. Having circumvented imprisonment, he built a secret laboratory beneath the city's sewage system. In the last moments of his life, the maniac managed to complete and successfully unleash a lethal neurotoxin into the city... Time is running out… the toxin will soon take effect... your only option is to venture into the sewers, discover the lab and retrieve the serum before it's too late...

60 mins

3-8 Players




In the year 2076, the modern society is controlled by corrupt officials who call themselves The Frost. They developed a program called “The Frost Queen”; designed to obtain sensitive private information about its citizens. This unethical leak of data sparked an outrage among society. As a result, many have banded together to create a rebellion known as The Defiance, a group you are part of.


Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to infiltrate a maximum security compound at various points to deploy the virus. Cooperation and teamwork is of the utmost importance for your success.

60 mins

4-8 Players



The red Admiral

The cold war has yet to end, as the battle for political and military power heightened tensions between the East and the West. Information; was the key to prevailing in the ongoing struggles. You are tasked with collecting data along with your team of top secret spies. Today, you are given an opportunity to end the war. Your cover has allowed you to slip past security; now, the Enemy’s Admiral wishes to meet face to face with your team.

60 mins

4-8 Players



Defend the magic academy

Centuries ago, evil creatures roamed the Earth realm and wreaked havoc to mankind. Four powerful mages emerged and sealed the corrupted beasts away. The mages built  magical academy over the seal in hopes of passing on their wisdom and banishing the evil forever. Over the years, the seal has weakened and apparitions of evil creatures are now free to wander the school. As prime sorcerers of the academy, you must first gather your strength, learn powerful ancient spells, retaliate against these evil creatures and discover the Stone of Wisdom to reseal the portal…

90 mins

4-8 Players



NYCTOPHOBIA: Fear of the dark

The current housing shortage in the city has made you consider a house in the country. Your real estate agent takes you to see the perfect bargain property – an abandoned home that’s been left in excellent condition. In fact, it’s almost like the original residents never left…


Are you brave enough to take a tour of this house? Can you find all the secrets hidden in the shadows before time runs out? Or do you suffer from Nyctophobia?



WARNING: 18+ only.  Nyctophobia contains violent content, loud noises and extremely low visibility. It is not recommended for those who suffer from heart conditions, seizures or other serious medical conditions. This experience is not suitable for children or pregnant women. For your safety, Omescape Canada reserves the right to deny entry to pregnant women and anyone under the age of 18.



60 mins

4-8 Players


Epic runner

Epic Runner is the newest form of live entertainment and team building activity in Toronto. It offers the thrill of competitive sports and features the tactical aspect of board games. Regardless if your friends are Football Jocks or Dungeons and Dragon Fanatics; we have a set of game modes for your gang! Game mode ranges from a simple team tag to a full-on war battle with preliminary planning, team formation alterations, timed surprise attacks, intel gathering, deception, allegiance, and betrayals. Our multi-layered game modes will ensure your group yearning for more!

90 mins

8-20 Players

18yrs old+

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